My Newest Adventure.

New home. new city. new experiences.

Well I am embarrassed that I wrote my first blog post in January and it's now the end of August... To say that this year has been eventful, insane and exciting is an understatement. 

2016. New Year. New Adventures. 

I wish you all a year of discoveries, love, adventure, happiness,        health and good fortune.  

I am so glad you are here! I am so anxious, but excited to launch this website. It has been almost a year in the making and I am so happy to finally be sharing it with you all. I have always had a passion for planning and hosting parties of all varieties but I never thought of making it a career. I don't know who specifically told me, "You are good at this. You should do this for a living" but, I truly thank them for saying something. This "hobby" has always brought me joy and I never thought to make it my life. 

Having an eye for the details and an infatuation with all things pretty, event planning seemed to be the perfect fit for me. I love seeing all of my hard-work come together and if I can make people happy at the same time, what could be better? During the 4 years I spent at Carleton University I gained some irreplaceable experience. While I was working on my Bachelor of Music degree I became involved with the Carleton Music Student Society. The roles that I took on with the society taught me some incredible lessons. I learned that patience, communication and a good team are crucial in executing a successful event. It was at Carleton that I met and began working with Elyse. She is another crucial component to my success so far. In addition to my time with the University, I also have 3 years experience working for OrKidstra, a local non-profit organization, where I have planned events of all different sizes for a variety of reasons. I am very fortunate to have had these experiences as they have helped shape me into the planner I am today.

2015 was a year of small business & event planning milestones for me. I created and registered my Events by Tegan domain, helped plan and host two bridal showers, assisted my mentor (who happens to be my beautiful cousin, Laura of Laura Olsen Events) at a wedding, and created this website. The accomplishment that I am most proud of in 2015 is the full planning and coordination of Mate & Parysa's wedding day on October 2nd. They put their faith and trust in me and I am so honoured that they did. I learned so much from this experience but most importantly gained two incredible friends. I am so thankful. This experience solidified my love and confidence in this path I am deciding to take. 

I am truly looking forward to what the future holds and will keep this blog updated with my adventures as I go! February's adventure? I am going to take a 7 week Floral Design class - pictures and stories to follow! 

If you have any friends or family that are looking for a wedding planner I would be happy to set up a free consultation, or if you would like to plan something beautiful please do not hesitate to contact me! I really look forward to hearing from you.